The papers should be uploaded onto the electronic management system of Revista de Economía Aplicada through the link:


If you have any problems or doubts about the process please contact the personal of the review at .
The total length of any paper should normally not exceed 30 pages (10,000 words) typed in double spacing, including tables, figures, maps and Bibliography.
Each text should be preceded by a single page containing the title of the paper and the name of the author(s), together with the address, and telephone and fax numbers of the corresponding author (as well as an e-mail address). A short abstract of around 150 words, drafted in both the Spanish and English languages, together with the keywords, should also be include on a separate page.
The text and symbols that authors require to appear in italics should be included in this form in any original or, otherwise, be underlined.
All references should appear at the end of the paper under the heading Bibliography, set-out in alphabetical order and according to the following: surname and name (in small letters) of the author or authors, year of publication (between brackets and distinguishing by a, b, c, etc. in the circumstances where the same author has more than one paper cited in the same year), title of the paper (in inverted commas), title of the journal in which the paper has appeared (in italics or underlined), place of publication (in the case of a book), publisher (again, in the case of a book), number of the journal and pages (xx-yy in the case of a journal paper or of a contribution included in a book). As regards papers or books that have been translated, and when it is the translation that it is cited, the year that should follow the name of the author will be that of the original publication, with the year of the translated version appearing immediately prior to the page reference.
All notes should be numbered consecutively throughout the text with superscript Arabic numerals, and with their contents appearing at the foot of each page and typed single spaced.
The bibliographical references that appear in the text or in the footnotes should cite only the surname of the author or authors (in small letters), with the year and, appropriate, the letter that appears in the Bibliography, as well as the reference pages, between brackets.
All tables, figures and maps included in the paper should be numbered consecutively and be submitted in their original form, and should further include their title and source.
The Editorial Secretary of the REVISTA DE ECONOMÍA APLICADA will acknowledge receipt of the papers by return of post and the Editorial Board will, on the basis of the evaluators' reports, decide upon publication in a period of no more than three months from receipt of the original. This decision may be dependent upon the introduction of any modifications that are required to the original text. Any authors seeking information on the current situation of the evaluation process of their paper should enquire at: .
The publication of any paper in the REVISTA DE ECONOMÍA APLICADA is subject to the condition that the data used in the analysis are clearly and precisely documented and at the disposal of any researcher, starting from six months following the date of publication and during the following three years. In this regard, the REVISTA DE ECONOMÍA APLICADA is open to the publication of studies on the robustness of the empirical results that have appeared in it.
Any paper submitted to the REVISTA DE ECONOMÍA APLICADA must not be under the process of evaluation elsewhere, or have been published or accepted for publication in any other medium.
If English is not the first language, the authors must ensure that the academic content of the paper is fully understood by journal editors and reviewers. If necessary, authors commit to respond to editors requests of language editing.